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Newsletter (The GAM) - Archive May 17, 2017
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Rotary Club of New Bedford, MA - Weekly GAM


GAM...A nautical term describing the exchange of news between vessels departing from and returning to their ports...


May 17, 2017 


This Week


Can to tell me how to get, how to get to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Newport and now Provincetown? Why the Seastreak Fast Ferry of course.  New Bedford native, John Silvia the general manager of Seastreak New England, came to talk about getting around on the fast ferry.  Working out of an office on the State Pier, Seastreak does seasonal trips from New Bedford to the Vineyard (about an hour) and to Nantucket (under 2 hours).  They are planning doing a special route this year for the first and last day of the Provincetown Carnival.  This will sail through the Cape Cod Canal on August 12th and 19th for the start and end of the carnival.  They are also responsible for the ferry between Providence and Newport.  The parent company has ferry runs in Manhattan. John said plans were in the works to expand local service to the Vineyard and make the operations year-round. Thank you Bea for inviting him.  Check out www.seastreak.com


VISITORS AND GUESTS:  Guest Speaker, John Silvia (invited by Beatriz), General Manager of Seastreak New England.


Next Week


May 24th – Lunch at the Wamsutta.  Our guest speaker will be Sharon Terreault (invited by Beatriz), director of Early Head Start at Meeting Street.  Her talk will be about supporting pregnant women with a history of substance abuse

            The re-induction of Tammy DeBarros is on the schedule for this meeting by Tom.  We are also expecting a new potential member to visit as well.  Do you know of anyone that would fit well and benefit from joining Rotary?  Go ahead and just invite them. 


UPCOMING EVENTS:  (Looking for programs for June)


May 31st – Monthly Evening Social.  You are cordially invited to attend the Rotary Club's social on Wed. May 31st at the Moby Dick Brewing Co. from 5PM to 7PM. Please RSVP to Beatriz by Monday, May 22nd. Thank you!


June 6th – Board Meeting. 5:00 pm. Location: Fire Systems Inc., 955 Reed Rd, N. Dartmouth. All are invited.


June 7th – Program TBD – Either a RotaFest Postmortem discussion or National Alliance on Mental Illness


June 28th – Officer Induction Night.  No lunch meeting.  More information to follow.



Odds and Ends




Let us know if you have any outstanding ticket money, sponsorships checks or outstanding bills.  Also, all the thank you’s have been distributed to club members.  Please remember to bring them to their final destination.





As many of you know, we have done a lot of work with the Bridge Home.  Annually, we help by bringing gifts (and Santa) at holiday time to the families staying in the shelter.  We also have supplied and built a swingset/play and picnic area at their location as well as supported them in other ways.  We have also hosted a summer bbq/picnic for them.  Generally, it was in the yard of a Rotarian.  We did not have one last year as we didn’t have location. Is anyone interested in hosting one this summer, if the Bridge House would like to come?  Please let us know.




Needed:  Looking for lunch programs for June.  We have one speaker we are finalizing the date on and we may have one classification talk but need at least one more programs to fill out the schedule.  If you know of anyone interesting, please let us know.


Needed:  Ringing of the Bells chair.  Need a person (or pair of persons) to work with the Salvation Army to schedule the annual Ringing of the Bells as well as organize the schedule of ringers.  This usually occurs the first weekend in December which seems a long way off, but will be here sooner than we know it.


Needed: Editor and/or writers for the GAM.  Joke book sold separately unless you order now…..




We are looking for some members to help spruce up our banners, the ones with the club flags in particular.  If a couple of folks want to get together and spread the banners out, clean them up (Magic Sponge maybe?), add new ones in the blank spots, re-attach loose ones, etc.  Just make them look better really. Might be more fun with a bottle of wine (my treat J )

-       On a semi-related note, does anyone have our club’s flags?  Rotary Clubs throughout the world have banners that are reflective to their local community. When Rotarians visit clubs in other countries and throughout their home country, it is customary for the clubs to trade banners.




Vice President Carole (soon to be President Elect Carole) is looking for Rotarians to be the program coordinator for one month next year.  If you did not do it this past year, please consider doing it.  For most months, it would require finding 2 to 3 speakers and picking a place to have the evening social.   Speakers could talk about local events, teach a business technique, share a book they wrote, give a classification talk or any other number of ideas.  Please let Carole know if you can take a month.




We are putting together a contact sheet to share with all club members.  It will have everyone’s email and cell phone.  If you were not at this week’s (or last) meeting, please confirm your email and cell phone number with Peter.


DISTRICT REMINDERS (if you are interested in attending any of these, please ask a board member for more information)

-       ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION, Atlanta, GA, June 9-14, 2017 www.rotaryconvention2017.org/

-       DISTRICT GOVERNOR INSTALLATION DINNER: Union Point, Weymouth, June 23, 2017 http://rotary7950.com/event/dg-steve-certa-installation/

-       PAW SOX ROTARY DAY FOR POLIO, Pawtucket, RI, August 22, 2017

-       RIDE FOR POLIO, Foxboro?, MA, September  9, 2017

-       P-BRUINS ROTARY DAY FOR POLIO, Providence, RI, October TBD

-       ZONE 24 & 32 INSTITUTE, Hartford, CT, October 19-22, 2017  


One More Thing – An Orren Classic 

"What's the difference between valor and discretion?"

"Well, to travel on an ocean liner across the Atlantic without ever tipping anyone, would be valor." 

"I see."  

"And, to come back home on a different boat would be discretion!"


Peter Ashworth

Cub Reporter


Lisa Faria

GAM Editor