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Newsletter (The GAM) - Archive Apr 13, 2017
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Rotary Club of New Bedford, MA - Weekly GAM


GAM...A nautical term describing the exchange of news between vessels departing from and returning to their ports... 


April 12, 2017 


This Week 


This is your two minute week warning.  RotaFest is 2 weeks away.  See updates below.


So “Mea Culpa’s” are in order this week.  I wish I could blame it on the last minute program change but I can’t.  Bunny was to be inducted as our newest member and we plumb forgot.  Or did we?  Maybe it is just a ruse telling new members they will be inducted next week, and then next week and then next week….  Before you know it the new member has perfect attendance.   No?  Again, very sorry and we will do the induction April 19th.


As noted, our RYLA speaker cancelled at the last minute due to transportation issues.  We will try to reschedule so he can tell us about the project they are doing to which we donated.  We did discuss RotaFest pretty thoroughly.  Did you know it is in two weeks?


VISITORS AND GUESTS:  Yoni Sunshine from the Narragansett Council Boy Scouts of America, guest of Adam.


Next Week


April 19th – Lunch at the Wamsutta. Our guest speaker will be David Buck, (invited by Cheryl), sommologist for Traveling Vineyards. He will be discussing sommology, the art of pairing food and wine. And SAA Tom will conduct an induction for our newest member Bunny (and I mean it this time).  Please bring in bottles of  wine and scratch tickets for RotaFest if you haven’t already

Brief RotaFest meeting to follow.  Please attend if you can.



UPCOMING EVENTS:  (May is full now too.  Looking for programs for June)


April 26th – No meeting.  We will meet at the Seaport on the 27th for lunch so we can set up for RotaFest.


April 27th – Lunch at the Seaport Inn to set up for RotaFest. 12:00 pm.


April 27th – ROTAFEST. 5:30 pm. Location: The Seaport Inn, Fairhaven, MA


May 2nd – Board Meeting. 5:00 pm. Location: Fire Systems Inc., 955 Reed Rd, N. Dartmouth. All are invited.


May 3rd – Lunch at the Wamsutta.  Our guest speaker will be local author Ralph Hickok of Vagabond Halfback: The Saga of Johnny Blood McNally. Come learn about Johnny Blood, one of the most colorful characters in NFL history.


May 10th – Lunch at the Wamsutta.  Our guest speaker will be Jennifer Downing (invited by Beatriz) , executive director of Leadership Southcoast.  She will speak about Leadership Southcoast and alumni retention.


May 17th – Lunch at the Wamsutta.  Our guest speaker will be John Silvia (invited by Beatriz), Operations Manager of Seastreak. He will tell us about Fast Ferry Service to Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and now Provincetown.  Bea says there might be a prize given out…..                         


May 24th – Lunch at the Wamsutta.  Our guest speaker will be Sharon Terreault (invited by Beatriz), director of Early Head Start at Meeting Street.  Her talk will be about supporting pregnant women with a history of substance abuse.


May 31st – Monthly Evening Social.  TBD.  We know it will be at 5:00 pm so just plan to be there, where ever “there” is.  Bea has something special cooking!!!


June 6th – Board Meeting. 5:00 pm. Location: Fire Systems Inc., 955 Reed Rd, N. Dartmouth. All are invited.


June 28th – Officer Induction Night.  No lunch meeting.  More information to follow.



Odds and Ends


Michelle tells me the third allocation at the board meeting went to the YMCA.  Thanks Michelle.


ROTAFEST UPDATE:  April 27th 5:30pm Seaport Inn, Fairhaven (Information below is as of 3/23/17)                 www.facebook.com/events/1908499759372144/ (Please share the event with your Facebook friends)


Who heard Linda and Peter on Phil Paleologos’ show?


We will be meeting briefly after each meeting until RotaFest


Posters – Post them.  Peter can bring them to you if needed.


Auction items – Find them. (Please bring in bottles of wine and scratch tickets if you haven’t already in addition to the other items.  Look to see if you have a bottle of wine that was given to you as a gift but you probably won’t drink.)

            Julie has procured a signed Celtics basketball.  Joe A. has a Big Poppy jersey and high quality sheets (the sheets aren’t Big Poppy).  Marc has brought Applebee’s and Texas Roadhouse gift certificates.  The Z has donated tickets to Jacques Pepin’s cooking show.   Russ will be donating a print.    (Other items were mentioned but my note taking skills failed.  If you did mention something not listed here, please forward that information to Michelle).  THANK YOU to those who brought in wine and scratch tickets. Not mentioned at the meeting was that A&A Jewelers donated 2 Smart Watches and Toyota of Dartmouth gave 5 oil changes.  Things are shaping up but we could always use more.

            See prior GAMS or Rotafest update emails for prior items already received.


Tickets – Sell them.  $50 each

                        Confirmed about 69 tickets sold (Some to sponsors)

                        See prior GAMS or Rotafest update emails for prior tickets reported sold.


Sponsorships –  Sell them. $1,000 - $500 - $300

            Could always get more.  Looks likes that accounts for 145 people - some accounted for above.

            See prior GAMS or Rotafest update emails for prior sponsorships already received or pledged.


Restaurant partners – Not too late to get someone new….

                        See prior GAMS or Rotafest update emails for prior restaurant already attending.


        Clarification? – Just ask (I’m guessing you know how RotaFest works)


District Reminders

-       MULTI-DISTRICT  ROTARY CONFERENCE, Providence Convention Center, April 28-30, 2017   For more information go to www.rotaryconference2017.org  .

-       ROTARY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (RLI), Rotary Leadership Training, Peabody, May 6, 2017.  For more information go to www.rlinea.org/event/peabody--ma-(7930-7910-7950)/

-       DISTRICT INTERNATIONAL NIGHT (honoring members of Rotary Youth Exchange), White’s of Westport, May 15, 2017.  For more information go to www.rotary7950.com/event/international-night-1/

-       ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION, Atlanta, GA, June 9-14, 2017 www.rotaryconvention2017.org/

-       DISTRICT GOVERNOR INSTALLATION DINNER: Union Point, Weymouth, June 23, 2017

-       PAW SOX ROTARY DAY FOR POLIO, Pawtucket, RI, August 22, 2017

-       RIDE FOR POLIO, Foxboro?, MA, September  9, 2017

-       P-BRUINS ROTARY DAY FOR POLIO, Providence, RI, October TBD

-       ZONE 24 & 32 INSTITUTE, Hartford, CT, October 19-22, 2017  


One More Thing – An Orren Classic 

The pompous judge glared sternly over his spectacles at the tattered prisoner who had just been dragged before the bar of justice on a vagrancy charge. "Have you ever earned a dollar in your life?" he asked in scorn.  "Yes, your honor," was the response. "I voted for you in the last election!"


Peter Ashworth

Cub Reporter


Lisa Faria

GAM Editor